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About Us

uangzhou Ocean Cosmetic Co., Ltd is well-established since Auguest. 2010. We have our own production plant, complete general assembly line with high-qualified storage. Moreover, there is a professional Researching Lab in Lecallois-Perret, France, whichi composed by several experts and researchers who are actvie in biological, chemical and skin care areas. We concentrate oureselves with great passion and full of energy in R&D and provide the best products for individual customers and all types of skins in view of the various geographcal environment and climate.
Our company has always been focusing on the developement, manufacturing and marketing of health and beauty products. All of our manufacture systems are under GMPC standard procedure.
We have the first-top class production line in Asia area, such as the IKA emulsification homogenizer, ABB high-speed motor which are imported from Germany, the Videojet code spray machine and sealed-in unit which are imported from America and Britain.
Today, Ocean Cosmetc Beauty Co. owned a poweful R&D group which are composed of over 30 experts and specialists.
Scientific, natural and stability are the key goals wihch we alwyas follow.


First-class research and development management team

Most sources of information before the information, strong research and development, cuttingedge technical support helps you to build a worldclass cosmetic products. Europe top has the cosmetics industry technicians are more than 10 years of elite, the company sent professionals to study abroad on a regular basis, Dr team familiar with the dynamic trend of domestic and foreign cosmetics, laws and regulations. Europe top years actively engaged in biological, chemical, and indepth study of Dermatology, has extensive experience in cosmetics research and development, and master cosmetic core technology and design ideas, good understanding of international development and management; and Europe top and several wellknown universities have a long history of close collaboration between advanced cuttingedge technology makes your products at the forefront of the times, products are bought.

international development and management; and Europe top and several wellknown universities have a long history of close collaboration between advanced cuttingedge technology makes your products at the forefront of the times, products are bought.

International standards in the production environment

Construction of factory produced according to GMP standards, according to federal standard FS209E and Japan JIS (9920-1989)

standards for design and construction. 6S management principle of OECI method, standards of bioresearch facility and laboratory, hardware requirements necessary to ensure technical superiority, leading industry competitors.

Cosmetics of high quality hardware guarantee: ozone room, workshop and the raw materials warehouse and packing material-flow plant, water treatment plant.

Determination of quality standards for cosmetics: chromatograph determination determination, vision and smell, for determination of specific gravity, refractive index measurement, acid determination, determination, determination of iodine value, hydroxyl value-determination of saponification value determination, bacteria, heavy metal content

Superior production hardware

Production process in strict compliance with national standards, passed the quality management system certification, has advanced production equipment and firstclass production environment. Comprehensive introduction of worldrenowned Germany IKA company emulsifying Homogenizer and the United Kingdom g Blue Seal device, Germany ABB high speed motor and United States international first-class production equipment such as Videojet ink jet printer.

Automatic aqueous cream filling and capping machine, automatic mask filling sealer, fancy pattern filling machine, vacuum mixing emulsifier, reverse osmosis water processors, automatic washing machine, sealing machine and other advanced equipment to make your products easier and faster to produce more quality assurance.

The latest international production, fully enclosed workshop with advanced air purification system and disinfection system, filling equipment applying pneumatic device, sterile, noncontact operation, several production lines to meet the different demands of production. Europe top for many companies at home and abroad on behalf of processing. Scientific, natural, stable, safe, and effective, we are following the only principle.

Raw materials and new technology allows

Raw materials and new technology is important guarantee of the high quality of the product. Europe top with Japan, and France, and Australia and a number of wellknown suppliers of raw materials to form a longterm partnership to ensure timely access to the latest, best, most complete information and raw material supply of raw materials. Wellknown cosmetics company with a number of international companies, research and development enterprises, cosmetics raw material suppliers, international wellknown medical health care products companies, establishing a longterm partnership, which was founded in 1885 to date with over 125 years of history of Corporation コスメテックジャパン is Japan's oldest cosmetics manufacturers. Of foreign advanced technology

and high quality raw materials, excellent management experience grafted directly to Europe top companies, customers stand at the outset of the international leading technology platform, superior quality of the product laid the Foundation.

Design of packaging design and Terminal

Europe top with a number of foreign highquality, high standard of material supporting enterprises established partnerships, familiar with the packing material and the process of implementing the selected link, grasp the characteristics of packaging material and avoid unfamiliar technology, led to the design of the mind does not realize or the phenomenon of quality deviations. According to the process for customers to provide practical product can be realized inside and outside packing design, matching the Terminal image design (posters, brochures, folding, roll up, x banner, Web ads, Web site building products), helping clients create distinctive brand image, highlighting product differentiation, competitive advantage.

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