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Cosmetics brand output base

Professional brand custom   /   360 DHS solution


     Just into the line less experienced dealers?    

  Do you want to be foreign OEM, ODM processing?

Want to develop a new brand of cosmetics distributor?



Hand series

Medicine oil series

Acne series

Black series

Product/service category



Remove scar

Mask series

Remove sea

  The spot


Beautiful body





   The eye

lose weight

  Eye mask

Remove mite



   Oil drilling

Labial ministry

Essential oil

The mask

Prevent bask

The neck


Product recommendations

Crystal MaskProcessing                Silk mask processing                Fruit fiber mask processing

Bio-Cellulose Mask Processing          Softpowder processing                  Sleeping mask

Rubber processing body                    Pure liquid processing                       Pure liquid processing

Whitening             Maintenance              Acne           Remove seal

Wrinkles          The spot         The essence           Toner



For your research and development, production, processing and extension of brand products; From your factory, research and development, production and other investment risk.

1、the company existing brand         2、 just registered brand of the investor.


The service content                                                 Service process

1. customized;

2. provide 3 card;

3. help customers product inspection;

4. help customers to adjust the structure of brand;

5. provides value-added services;

6. the other offer paid premium services.

1. the customers contact the company that situation,

2. the number of the invited customer fieldwork factories;

3. communicate with customer market and product requirements;

4. according to the requirements of brand positioning and playing board,

5. identify solutions and with the processing contract;

6. customer JiaGongKuan in advance according to the contract;

7. the number of customers and the processing relationship into effect;

8. build customer file.


1. strong cosmetics agent, plans to launch its own brand output;

2. No cosmetic industry experience, want to invest in.

But it is unclear whether the brand and the whole shop output design planning, no experience and the time to buy material, want to entrust Dr One-stop service);

Provide cosmetics brand market research, planning, product development, packaging, design, production, operation and supply chain management, marketing, branding, etc. The whole operation system

The service content                                                 Service process

1. the number of the communication with customers,

2. the brand and packaging design

3. printing packing box, instruction and the label;

4. proofing version, make sure the product formula;

5. provide three certificates

6. inspection report or certificate

1. To inquire about;

2, on-the-spot investigation factory;

3. Communicate with customers, establish brand positioning;

4. Product planning;

5. Brand design;

6. A sample;

7. Adjust the product formula type;

8. A processing contract with the company;

9. The customer full prepaid packaging material;

10.Provide three certificates;

11. Order related packaging materials;

12. Help customers to do a good job of product inspection and record.

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