Guangzhou Ocean Cosmetic  Co.,Ltd

One piece multiple effect

skin moisturizer and whitening

Deep water sparkling soft

long-lasting moisture

New Extra Moisture Skin Care silk mask



Import Invisible silk film

Thin as onion skin / soft skin-friendly/ perfect fit

Micron fiber import essence nutrient

absorption rate above 98%

3D clipping fit facial contours

360 ° perfect fit

Thickness of only

0.2mm thin breathable skin-friendly

It provides deep, intensive conservation for skin

Full cream 25ml sufficient amount of high purity high concentration

More and more the essence deep repair

New extra moisturizer skin care silk mask

Foot cream, skin to drink enough water

Each piece silk mask are added to a sufficient amount of Essence 25ml

Apply full 20 minutes still moist abundance

This can effectively prevent the mask down parts water

More can be used to maintain the essence of excess body

Gentle natural plant essence ingredients

Featured aloe extract, algae extract ink, dent majority of extract,

Abutting extract, Chamomile extract, with high purity hyaluronic acid.

Effective skin moisture, long-lasting moisturizing;

Balance oil, shrink pores; eliminate yellowish, it brightens the complexion;

Giving the skin moisture retention, skin glorious glow.

One piece per day, 28 days in neonatal skin moist

Intensive Repair

Activation of muscle at the end Hydra

New extra moisture skin care silk mask

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